This is a blog about web to print.  The more we read about web to print, the more we see just how heavily the term is used, yet severely misunderstood.  This blog will describe all the components of web to print, the plays for web to print and by whom and most importantly the dramatic effect web to print will have as we move forward into the on demand world that print will soon become.  Whether it’s ink on paper or ink on web, web to print is an integral part of the world going forward.  As a solutions architect of wide area network (WAN) systems of which many components use web to print strategies, this blog is a place to come for reference on just how web to print is being used today.

John Johnson, Solutions Architect

Veteran of client software design, the launch of the Web, the dot.com bust, the 1996 Telecommunications Reform act, collocation hosting/design, the telecommunications debacle, co-author of multiple BPM patents involving microwave communications, early user of digital press technologies all due to being obsessed with building smart systems for marketing and communications that are simple and easy to use all while providing accurate and valid measurement to prove their validity.


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