“Prepress, move over for Web to Print”

Web to print hasn’t been part of a printer’s budget up until the last decade if at all.  Much like marketing for a small to mid-sized printer, it’s just never been a factor.  Yet today, it is truly essential.  For decades, we have been surprised by technology coming upon us in waves which require shifts in mindset and changes in the budget.  Just like C2P, Prepress servers, storage servers, web to print must be considered.

Whether its used on behalf of efficiency internally or a requirement of your client base, it must now be included in your budgets.  The past two decades, aside from upgrading presses, prepress investment has been front and center.  Well, move over prepress, you’re not the diva anymore.  Prepress is automated and gets bypassed with web to print.  Now it’s engineering, architecture and cloud systems which will become the major focus for the foreseeable future.

Prepress is necessary for conventional, but it’s getting less and less important as digital on demand takes over.  They won’t be replaced as long as you have 40″ 6 color presses running, they’ll just become commonplace when before they were on top of the pyramid.


About marcomstudio

Solutions Architect/President of SPC Marcom Studio - a forward-thinking marcom execution solutions provider.
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