My Customer is Demanding a Storefront – Does this mean I have to deploy a Web to Print System?

Many Print Service Providers (PSPs) in their attempt to service all of the customer’s needs get requests from the sales field or from the customer directly asking for a “storefront”.  This in many cases is a trap.  Qualifying a customer’s real need vs. their perceived need is the most critical step at this stage.  If your client has real need, they will be in great pain or in a lot of instances, causing your staff great pain with small orders and lots of requests from the field.  If they have perceived need, it’s a pipe dream and in most cases there is little need.  Most conventional clients do not need storefronts, they need automation for redundant tasks such as business card ordering or orders from your fulfillment center.  Unfortunately, the only option for the PSP is to deploy a web to print solution as there really are very few  service providers who will service the PSP for the front end without getting the print work.  A PSPs best time is spent going after paying work and not perceived need.  If the client is a high volume client, then by all means, begin the process of consulting with a pro to discover what web to print solution may fit you and your client’s needs.  Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that if you deploy a system, it will generate revenue. It won’t.  See the previous post “Why is web to print adoption spotty?“.  Traditional conventional sales staff are not easily trained or accommodating as low volume sales doesn’t provide any incentive for them.

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