Web to Print Explained

Web to Print is one of the most misunderstood and misstated topics in today’s marketing and communications arena.  It’s not necessarily intentional, it’s just severely over-simplified by those who sell it, underutilized by those who purchase it and misunderstood by the masses.  This blog is an information resource and has nothing to do with the sales or pitching of vendors whatsoever.  As one who uses it every day (for years) to accomplish efficiency in the execution of on-demand digital print, fulfillment and global distribution, this blog will address real issues and dispel many of the associated assumptions behind the term “web to print”.

Web to Print has many audiences.  Publishers talk about it superficially, salespeople oversell it and miss sell its value, analysts dispute and debate how much revenue is associated with it, programmers swear at it and engineers live and die by it every day.  Product managers do their best to keep up with the revenue demands of the CEO while still maintaining a practical feature set and an offering that fits the needs of print service providers, brokers, enterprise customers, advertising agencies and service bureaus.

About marcomstudio

Solutions Architect/President of SPC Marcom Studio - a forward-thinking marcom execution solutions provider.
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